The Health Benefits of Infrared Saunas

I will be starting my 200hr yoga teacher training in a few days at Oxygen Yoga and Fitness and part of the reason why I love the company so much is because their hot yoga and fitness classes are in an infrared studio. This makes their studios different from other hot yoga studios.

Infrared saunas are something I came across when learning about detoxification, especially when it comes to things that accumulate over time and are very difficult to get rid of, like chemicals and heavy metals. Getting toxins out of our bodies on a regular basis before they attach to fat cells, or when fat cells release them during exercise, is really important for optimal health and improved quality of life.

How are infrared saunas different from conventional saunas?

Far infrared heat directly penetrates the body but does not warm the air to the same degree as conventional saunas, which also makes being in them easier on the respiratory tract. Also, the beneficial effects of a far infrared sauna are produced at a much lower temperature than in a conventional sauna. Far infrared sauna temperature ranges are typically 115-150 degrees Fahrenheit whereas in a conventional sauna, temperature ranges are usually 180-200 degrees Fahrenheit. Both conventional and infrared saunas allow the body to detoxify, however, infrared saunas have been shown to allow the body to eliminate about 7 times more toxins.

What are the benefits of infrared saunas?

- In addition to detoxification of the body, they eliminate toxins from pores for clearer and healthier looking skin

- Stimulates DNA and protein synthesis necessary for tissue repair and regeneration, making them excellent for healing burns, scar tissue, and skin problems

- Increases core body temperature which increases metabolism to burn more calories and aid with weight loss

- Increases circulation and the stimulation of blood flow improves muscle recovery and is great for Raynaud's syndrome

- Induces the killing of pathogenic bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites and strengthens the immune system by increasing production of white blood cells and T killer cells

- In many research studies they have shown to reduce pain in joints and muscles more effectively than painkillers

- Combats and prevents cancerous cells from proliferating

- Helps relieve symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

- Promotes relaxation by relaxing muscles, relieving tension, and decreasing stress hormones

There are many healing and rejuvenation centres around the world that incorporate infrared saunas into their healing protocol. If you have an Oxygen Yoga and Fitness studio near you, I encourage you to try it out to experience moving in an infrared studio. Otherwise, look for a spa or wellness center near you with an infrared sauna and try a session.

Now Iā€™d love to hear from you. Have you tried a session in an infrared sauna or a yoga class in an infrared studio? What was your experience? Share and let me know!