Spring Clean Your Snack Cupboard

Would you eat healthier if you just knew a better choice than the one you are used to making?

Are you constantly falling into a snack trap at work or at home?

I want to help you spring clean your snack cupboard with upgraded, great tasting, healthy alternatives to what you might currently be having.

Want something savoury, crunchy, and salty?

Bean chips are a great upgrade from your usual go to chip. They are more nutrient dense and higher in protein and fiber so a few chips will make you feel satiated instead of wanting to eat the whole bag. They are also made with a natural complex carbohydrate so they are lower on the glycemic index and load. I recommend eating them with a protein and/or healthy fat such as sprouted hummus or guacamole. This increases the nutrient density and will keep you feeling satisfied longer.

Can't give up sweets?

The smartest way to eat sweets is to keep the sweetness but lose the sugar. Fruit is a great way to get your sweet fix and stay satisfied longer than if you were to have processed sugar. When consuming fruits you want to pair it with a protein so it doesn't spike your blood sugar, causing a crash an hour later, leaving you hungry again and craving more sugar. A good choice is an apple (organic to avoid pesticides) with nut butter such as almond or coconut butter. Another option is a hand full of nuts with some fruit. Cashews with mango make a great mood boosting combination, or strawberries with melted coconut butter will taste like a sweet treat.

Craving a cookie?

Who doesn't love cookies? When choosing cookies for a snack you want to avoid sugar, wheat, dairy, and soy. Those are the ingredients you find in your typical cookie that have you eating 10 instead of 1 or 2. By avoiding these ingredients you will avoid the negative interaction they cause in the body (affecting blood sugar, the immune system, and brain chemistry) and be satisfied with less. My favourite cookie recipe can be found here.

Are you a chocolate junkie? It can be good for you - if it's the right type

When choosing chocolate, use raw chocolate, which is totally different than what's in a standard candy bar. Raw chocolate is cacao. Cacao is full of magnesium and causes us to release dopamine, a feel good neurotransmitter. Choose chocolate that is 70-80% cacao, not cocoa. Cocoa is an unnatural processed food. Cacao is a natural superfood loaded with antioxidants and minerals. I love Giddy Yoyo chocolate because it is 70% cacao or higher (they even have a bar that is 100% cacao) and go to great lengths to source and create some of the highest quality chocolate in the world. When eaten in moderation, dark chocolate is a good source of antioxidants and has been proven to lower blood pressure.

As you strengthen your pancreas and blood sugar with healthy diet and lifestyle choices, you will be able to go for longer periods of time without snacking or overworking your adrenal glands. Healthy snacking to balance blood sugar is a great way to increase longevity.

Now Iā€™d love to hear from you. Are you a snacker? When do you snack? What is your preferred, go-to snack? Share and let me know!