4 Tips For A Healthy And Romantic Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day was once a typical cliche for me, consisting of a rich and heavy fettuccine alfredo dinner out, with wine and chocolate cake for dessert. It was then followed by a weeks worth of the classic sugar-laden box of chocolates that only ever lasted a few days.

I remember feeling heavy and sluggish after a supposedly "romantic" night out, when in reality it felt far from romantic by the time I finished my meal. What woman feels sexy after a heavy meal and chocolate lava cake? Instead of feeling frisky I felt ready for a nap.

Those days are long behind me, and now Valentine's Day is full of love, connection, and a whole lot of sexy vibes.

Here's 4 tips for having a romantic yet still healthy Valentine's Day:

1. Have a burst training workout during the day to boost your energy, confidence, happy endorphins, and decrease your stress (the ultimate mood killer). Valentine's Day falls on a Sunday this year so there's no excuse not to get a quick sweat session in.

2. Skip the reservations out and plan a romantic night in. Regardless of where you lie on the "how much I enjoy cooking" spectrum, spending time in the kitchen as a couple can help strengthen your bond. It's not about your level of skill, it's about your willingness to put in the effort. Even the most basic and simple meal can bring couples closer because they made it together. Have fun, be silly, put on some good music, and have a little dance party while you do it. It's all about the experience, not just the meal. Turn off the electronics to really connect.

3. Eat light and focus on finger foods. This will make sure you feel nice and light for whatever the evening brings. My menu might include:

- Arugula salad with avocado, asparagus, cucumber, and walnuts, with a lemon and extra virgin olive oil vinaigrette.

- Oysters, prawns, scallops, or wild salmon

- Roasted artichoke with fresh herbs

- Raw dark chocolate with almond butter or chopped almonds for dessert. Chocolate not your thing? Try some fresh berries with coconut milk or coconut yogurt.

4. Soak in an epsom salt bath with a few drops of Ylang Ylang essential oil (traditionally used as an aphrodisiac) to relax, unwind, and get a little sexy. If you and your partner decide to have a glass or two of wine, try to choose an organic wine as grapes are heavily sprayed with pesticides. Non-organic wines can also have a lot of chemical additives, added sugar, and higher levels of sulfites. Choosing a high quality wine can be the difference between having a headache and brain fog the next day or not.

I hope this has inspired you to cancel the expensive reservation and opt for a cozy night-in filled with home-made food, connection, and lots of love.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Now, I'd love to hear from you. What's your favourite recipe for a romantic dinner for two? Share and let me know!